Vol. 32, No. 1

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Elisa Camiscioli and Jean Quataert, Editorial Note : Suffrage and Beyond : Celebrating Women’s History

Liette Gidlow, Introduction

Lori D. Ginzberg, “Radical Imaginings: The View from Atop a Slippery Slope”

Rosalyn Terborg-Penn, “The Nineteenth Amendment and Its Outcome for African American Women”

Rumi Yasutake, “Women in Hawai’i and the Nineteenth Amendment”

Cathleen Cahill, “‘Our Democracy and the American Indian’: Citizenship, Sovereignty, and the Native Vote in the 1920s”

Liette Gidlow, “More than Double: African American Women and the Rise of a ‘Women’s Vote'”

Marnie S. Anderson, “The Forgotten History of Japanese American Women’s History and the Rise of Women and Gender History in the Academy”

Bryna Goodman, “‘A World of Concubines’: Fissures in the Category of ‘Woman’ in Republican China”

Joy Damousi, “Humanitarianism and Child Refugee Sponsorship: The Spanish Civil War and the Global Campaign of Esme Odgers”

Book Review Essays

Shaping Modern Girlhood (Amy Erdman Farrell)

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Capitalism with a Female Face (Nancy Marie Robertson)

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Gender, Power, and Religion: Orientations of the Self in African America and the Black Diaspora (Chernah M. Sesay, Jr.)

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