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The Journal of Women’s History Responds to the Dobbs vs. Jackson Decision with a Trove of Open-Access Articles

In response to the recent US Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health, which stripped away the rights of women, trans, and non-binary people to healthcare and reproductive justice in many states, the editors of the JWH have received permission to provide a large number of articles dealing with these issues in open-access format for sixty days. We believe it is imperative for people to understand these issues in both historical and transnational contexts. The United States now joins places like Poland, Brazil, and El Salvador in stripping away abortion rights—and criminalizing all abortions in states like Oklahoma—instead of expanding those rights reproductive healthcare, as has recently occurred in Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. Here you will find a brief essay that contextualizes these articles further. Although the majority of articles cover issues of reproductive struggles in the US, there are some that provide information in other national and historical contexts. This essay will include articles from our current Special Issue on Reproduction, Contraception, and Obstetrics in Modern Mexico, but not all of those articles are open-access. You can find links to Special Issue articles and abstracts here.

Read the Review Essay which draws on articles from the JWH spanning the years 1994-2022.

April Open Access Articles