December 31, 2020: OPEN-ACCESS Articles through Jan. 30, 2021

Kelly O’Donnell, “The Activist Archive: Feminism, Personal-Political Papers, and Recent Women’s History” JWH, (Winter 2020): 88-109.

Kirsten Leng, “Art, Humor, and Activism:The Sardonic, Sustaining Feminism of the Guerrilla Girls, 1985–2000” JWH (Winter 2020): 110-134.


June 5, 2020 : We mourn the black men and women murdered by law enforcement in the past weeks and throughout the history of the United States. With protestors around the world, we demand justice for their families, and accountability from the police. The Editorial Team of the JWH endorses the American Historical Association’s Statement on the History of Racist Violence in the United States : AHA Statement

June 5, 2020 : Congratulations to long-time Editor of the Journal of Women’s History, Prof. Elisa Camiscioli, whose article, “”Coercion and Choice: The ‘Traffic in Women’ between France and Argentina in the Early Twentieth Century” French Historical Studies 42, no. 3 (2019), won the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians Prize for Best Article in Women’s and Gender History. The article is available for FREE through July 31, 2020. Click HERE

June 1, 2020 : Editorial Accommodations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, scholars worldwide face unanticipated disruptions to their professional and personal lives. We recognize that these circumstances pose exceptional challenges for this community, and are committed to supporting our authors and reviewers. If you are having difficulty meeting deadlines associated with the publication or peer review process, please contact the Journal editorial office directly at