As the first scholarly journal dedicated to documenting the global experiences of women and historical constructions of gender, the Journal of Women’s History publishes articles based on original research that communicates compelling conclusions to a community of scholars whose areas of expertise span all time periods and all areas of the globe. The JWH also publishes reflections on those conceptual, theoretical, and methodological issues common to all engaged in the research and writing of women’s history. All articles should conform to the JWH Style Guide.

The Journal of Women’s History provides an important service to this diverse academic community by soliciting book review essays for every issue. Far more than simply announcing recent books published in the field of women’s history, these essays provide a forum to consider historiographical trends, innovations, and transformations. All book reviews should conform to the JWH Style Guide.

The Journal of Women’s History also strives to represent the best scholarship in the field from around the globe. Because transformative scholarship is published in hundreds of world languages, the JWH website will host award-winning scholarship in both the original language and in English translation.

Finally, we welcome letters to the editor in response to recent articles.

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Peer reviewers and journal staff use the Scholar One system for all communications regarding manuscripts. This process allows the Journal’s editors to streamline the submission and review processes, speed up acceptance and revision times and track information regarding authors, reviewers, and content.

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