Vol. 34, No. 3

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Editorial Note

Jennifer J. Davis and Sandie Holguín, Testimonial: Listening to Women’s Accounts of Gendered Violence and Social Exclusion


Toygun Altıntaş, Violence, Armenian Women, and the “Armenian Question” in the Late Ottoman Empire

Diana W. Anselmo, The “Girl Suicide Epidemic” of the 1910s: Pain and Prejudice in US Newspapers

Anny Gaul, Teaching Happiness: Women’s Education and Transnational Currents in Modern Morocco

Natalie Jarska, Managing the Double Identity: Married Women as Housewives and Workers in Post-1956 Poland

Danielle Dumaine, “Put Your Money Where Your Movement Is”: The Feminist Credit Unions of the 1970s

Historical Practices

Author Rilla Askew on Writing Historical Fiction

Book Reviews

Who’s Working Class? Centering Women in US Labor History : Keona K. Ervin

  • LaGuana Gray. We Just Keep Running the Line: Black Southern Women and the Poultry Processing Industry.
  • Michelle Haberland. Striking Beauties: Women Apparel Workers in the U.S. South, 1930–2000.
  • Ryan Patrick Murphy. Deregulating Desire: Flight Attendant Activism, Family Politics, and Workplace Justice.

Diverse Explorations of Early Female Celebrity in America : Renée M. Sentilles, Marnie Nichole

  • Sara E. Lampert. Starring Women: Celebrity, Patriarchy, and American Theater, 1790–1850.
  • Karen R. Jones. Calamity: The Many Lives of Calamity Jane.
  • Nancy E. Davis. The Chinese Lady: Afong Moy in Early America.
  • Samantha Pinto. Infamous Bodies: Early Black Women’s Celebrity and the Afterlives of Rights.

Edgy Margins: Recent South Asian Feminist Scholarship on the Politics and History of Girlhood, Women, Gender, and Sexualities : Sanjam Ahluwalia

  • Jessica Hinchy. Governing Gender and Sexuality in Colonial India: The Hijra, c. 1850–1900.
  • Durba Mitra. Indian Sex Life: Sexuality and the Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought.
  • Ashwini Tambe. Defining Girlhood in India: A Transnational History of Sexual Maturity Laws.