Pamela S. Nadell, America’s Jewish Women: A History from Colonial Times to Today (New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Co, 2019). The paperback edition of Nadell’s award-winning book will be released this Spring 2020. Ronnie Grinberg (Asst. Professor of History, University of Oklahoma) speaks with Pamela S. Nadell, the PatrickContinue Reading

Your JWH Editorial Team is a group of six women at very different stages in our careers as historians of women and gender. We are scholars and teachers as well as scholarly editors. We are also daughters, sisters, mothers, and spouses. We are acutely aware of the challenges of coordinatingContinue Reading

COVID-19 has upended global systems of transportation and economic production. That includes all university work, scholarly conferences and business travel. We are still learning how this will affect our team here at the University of Oklahoma. But the cancellation of the Big Berks conference is a big disappointment. The BigContinue Reading

The Co-Editors of the Journal of Women’s History at the University of Oklahoma have selected two dedicated historians of women’s and gender history to serve as the Journal’s Managing Editors. They are (drumroll please!) Hannah Zinn, Ph.D candidate, University of Oklahoma. Hannah is completing a dissertation on gender in theContinue Reading

Scholar One Access : We have “viewing access” on Scholar One! This is the massive manuscript submission and review database where authors submit all articles considered for publication in the Journal of Women’s History. All decisions remain in the capable hands of our predecessors at Binghamton University, Profs. Elisa CamiscioliContinue Reading

Historians from all over the world gather together at the American Historical Association (AHA) during the first weekend of January to share the latest research and teaching methods. And at this meeting in 2020, Oxford University Press and the American Historical Review co-hosted a breakfast meeting for editors from theContinue Reading