Vol. 33, No. 2

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Editors’ Note

Sandie Holguín and Jennifer J. Davis, Rebellion, Gender Roles and Discourses, and Historical Memories of War and Peace


Lisa Demets, “Spies, Instigators, and Troublemakers: Gendered Perceptions of Rebellious Women in Late Medieval Flemish Chronicles”

Kara A. Peruccio, “Bad Romance: Toxic Masculinity, Love, and Heartbreak in Interwar Italian and Turkish Women’s Novels, 1923-1932”

Barbara Cutter, “‘A Feminine Utopia’: Mountain Climbing, Gender, and Women’s Rights in Nineteenth-Century America”

Kirrily Freeman, “The ‘Monuments Men’ in History and Memory”

Laura Beers, “Bridging the Ideological Divide: Liberal and Socialist Collaboration in the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 1919-1945”

Jon Coburn, “‘Basically Feminist’: Women Strike for Peace, Maternal Peace Activism, and the Memory of the Women’s Peace Movement”

Historical Practices

Michelle Moravec, “Digital Historical Practices”

Book Reviews

Medicalizing Modern Motherhood in the Americas: Elena Jackson Albarran

  • Isabel M. Córdova. Pushing in Silence: Modernizing Puerto Rico and the Medicalization of Childbirth.
  • Nora E. Jaffary. Reproduction and Its Discontents in Mexico: Childbirth and Contraception from 1750 to 1905.
  • Okezi Otovo. Progressive Mothers, Better Babies: Race, Public Health, and the State in Brazil, 1850-1945.

Historicizing “Fat”: Peter N. Stearns

  • Wendy Mitchinson. Fighting Fat: Canada, 1920-1980.
  • Sabrina Strings. Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia.

Gender, Family, and French Political Life: Laura L. Frader

  • Caroline Campbell. Political Belief in France 1927-1945: Gender, Empire, and Fascism in the Croix de Feu and the Parti Social Français.
  • Kelly Ricciardi Colvin. Gender and French Identity after the Second World War, 1944-1954: Engendering Frenchness.

Educating Girls and Women: The Challenges of Respectability: Linda Eisenmann

  • Ann Taylor Allen. The Transatlantic Kindergarten: Education and Women’s Movements in Germany and the United States.
  • Tim Allender. Learning Femininity in Colonial India, 1820-1932.
  • Sarah H. Case. Leaders of Their Race: Educating Black and White Women in the New South.
  • Jewel A. Smith. Transforming Women’s Education: Liberal Arts and Music in Female Seminaries.