Vol. 35, no. 3

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Editorial Note

Jennifer J. Davis and Sandie Holguín, Beyond Translation

Guest Editors’ Note

Jennifer Anne Boittin and Jacqueline Couti, Debout & Déter / Standing Up & Determined: Black Women on the Move, Black Feminisms in French (Post)Imperial Contexts


Sarah J. Zimmerman, The Gendered Consequences of Abolition and Citizenship on Nineteenth-Century Gorée Island

Elizabeth Jacob, “The Ministry of Women’s Affairs will not be Feminist”: Jeanne Gervais and Gender Complementarity in Côte d’Ivoire

Rose Ndengue, Deprovincializing the Feminine/Feminist Cameroonian Nationalism of the 1950s: The UDEFEC and Pluriversal Black Feminism (S. C. Kaplan, translator) : lire en français

Charlotte Grabli, Elegant Incursions: Fashion, Music, and Gender Dissidence in 1950s Brazzaville and Kinshasa

Nora Eguienta & Sylvain Pattieu, The Immigrants of BUMIDOM and Their Resistance to Employment Assignments (S. C. Kaplan, translator) : lire en français

Pamela Ohene-Nyako, Contexts and Spaces of Intersectionality: The Black Feminism and Internationalism of Lydie Dooh-Bunya, 1970–1990 (S. C. Kaplan, translator) : lire en français

Jacqueline Couti and Michèle Magema, Interview of Michèle Magema, Mixed-media Artist (S. C. Kaplan, translator) : lire en français

Roundtable on Women’s Traversing Paths: Forms of Political Engagement and Production of Knowledge, Jocelyne Béroard, Jacqueline Couti, Bintou Dembélé, Joëlle Kapompele, Rose Ndengue, Fania Noël (S. C. Kaplan, translator)

Book Review Essays

Virtues, Violence, and Passion of the Puritans: Elizabeth Bouldin

  • Monica D. Fitzgerald. Puritans Behaving Badly: Gender, Punishment, and Religion in Early America.
  • Emily C. K. Romeo. The Virtuous and Violent Women of Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts.
  • Marilyn J. Westerkamp. The Passion of Anne Hutchinson: An Extraordinary Woman, the Puritan Patriarchs, and the World They Made and Lost.

Slavery’s Handmaidens: Gender, Sex, and Reproduction in the Black Atlantic: Kathleen M. Brown

  • Sophie White. Voices of the Enslaved: Love, Labor, and Longing in French Louisiana.
  • Ashley M. Williard. Engendering Islands: Sexuality, Reproduction, and Violence in the Early French Caribbean.
  • Jennifer L. Morgan. Reckoning with Slavery: Gender, Kinship, and Capitalism in the Early Black Atlantic.