May 2020

Your JWH Editorial Team is a group of six women at very different stages in our careers as historians of women and gender. We are scholars and teachers as well as scholarly editors. We are also daughters, sisters, mothers, and spouses. We are acutely aware of the challenges of coordinating professional activities from domestic spaces. We would love to hear from folks who are devising creative solutions for these strange times!

As I’m typing this, universities across the country (and around the world) have begun to formulate plans to resume on-campus instruction in the Fall 2020 semester. In fact, our Editorial Team is situated entirely on the campus of the University of Oklahoma, in the college town of Norman. We just learned this week how the University’s plans will impact our own classes and students, and are making the necessary adjustments to teach online, or on-campus adopting a variety of techniques to limit viral spread. So far, no one in Norman has mentioned Plexiglass!

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